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One of the great budgetary nightmares of any major project is the cost overrun, and it can happen for a variety of reasons in many different industries. Hollywood cinema, for example, is famous for its runaway budgets, as everything from a change to a movie’s story in the middle of production to reshoots after a film is supposed to be complete add more time and money to a movie. Architecture however, is not far behind in this regard. Look at the architectural history of any major city in the world and you will find several large projects that took more time, materials, manpower and money than were originally accounted for. In the past, some designers, architects and even decision makers simply shrugged their shoulders, accepted “it happens,” and then struggled to complete a project. Today, we know better. Project overruns aren’t just inefficient, they are irresponsible. With careful planning right at the start, and a realistic assessment of what a project needs, it is possible